Y U M I K O  J O N E S

H A I R  D E S I G N

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about me

Full name Yumiko Ohtsubo-Jones, I am a Japanese hairstylist working in Bristol. Originally from Japan, where I obtained my official hairdressing license, I have lived and worked in England for several years now and have over 10 years of hairdressing experience catering for a wide variety of nationalities, looks and backgrounds.


Your hair is my number one priority and I will work with you to find a style that you are 100% comfortable and happy with. Everyone is unique and requires different treatments but with my experience, I’m confident we can create a natural look for you that will make you feel good, happy and smile from ear to ear!


My abilities include wet and dry haircuts, colouring, perming and putting up. Check out the prices page for a full list of services and prices. I work at BLO Hairdressing on Tuesdays through to Saturdays. It is a completely relaxed environment where you can even enjoy a massage in the massage chair whilst you get your hair washed.


Once you are ready for a fantastic new haircut, get in touch and we can arrange a date!